Lives changing and communities growing by care through Jesus Christ Lives changing and communities growing by care through Jesus Christ

How Can I Help?

This is an opportunity for you help to change lives through Christian Care. Your support makes our impact more effective in the community. There are many ways that you, your church and your workplace can help to support what we do.


ANGLICARE are constantly researching the areas of most need in our community. This allows us to know where we can be most effective in achieving our mission. Without the support of faithful donors much of our work is simply not possible. For the latest research click here

There is an increasing need to provide more services to more people in our communities. The simple truth is that caring for the needy requires money. We need to act now to make an effective and lasting difference. Every cent donated to ANGLICARE has a role to fulfil, and every cent given helps to provide the care that changes lives. All donations about $2 are tax deductible.

Become a CARE Partner.

One of the most effective ways of providing consistent support to our work of caring for the needy is through committed supporters via regular giving. Becoming a CARE Partner is a great way to reach out to people in need through effective and sustainable services. Your regular, monthly gift will help provide the stable, regular income needed to ensure our work in critical areas of need can continue and grow. Please remember ANGLICARE and how you can help stop the suffering. Your gift will help us to continue the care that changes lives.

Leave a gift in your will.

The most wonderful thing about leaving a bequest to ANGLICARE is its long-term effect on the lives of hundreds of people, from children to the aged, generation after generation. Much of the compassionate work of ANGLICARE has been established by the generosity and foresight of those who have made provision for ANGLICARE by leaving a bequest in their will. There is a real satisfaction in knowing that you can be a part of the work of Christ for generations to come by remembering ANGLICARE in your will. When you leave a bequest to ANGLICARE, it will help people in a practical way for decades to come. Children from broken or neglectful homes, aged people in need of care, families that have been hit by illness or unemployment, those in hospital or prison. These and many more will benefit from your concern and thoughtfulness. Your bequest can become a living expression of your care and concern for people in need, long after you are gone.

 An ANGLICARE Christmas.

Christmas is always a special time of year at ANGLICARE as we work in a number of ways to help those in need. Click here for information on how to get involved or support this work.

Volunteers are a vital part of ANGLICARE and are involved at many levels with the organisation. The gift of your time is one of the most significant gifts you can give, and helps ensure the work of ANGLICARE can continue.

Corporate Volunteer.
Have your company staff volunteer their time as part of a team building day. Make it a time where your staff can do something meaningful to assist others less fortunate in the community. The gift of their time allows your company to get involved with the community right down at the grass roots level.

Work for us.
Working in a challenging and fulfilling role at ANGLICARE furthers your career and provides the support ANGLICARE needs to continue to help those in need.


Prayer is vital to support the work of ANGLICARE. We have a prayer diary download HERE which provides guidelines to assist you in praying for our work.