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NSW Adoption Reform

ANGLICARE Sydney welcomes the NSW Government’s recommendation that adoption should be considered by the Children’s Court before placing a child in the long term care of the Minister for Community Services.

“Achieving stability and safety for children who cannot live with their birth families should be the top priority for the NSW Child Protection System”, said Ian Jackson, Acting CEO ANGLICARE Sydney.

“Sadly there will always be some children who cannot live with their birth families. Developing a culture that more strongly values and plans for adoption or other permanent care will help provide greater stability, sooner for these children.

“However the NSW Government should retain a focus on ensuring at-risk families are quickly identified and receive support before a crisis develops”, said Mr Jackson.

ANGLICARE Sydney believes early intervention and prevention services are essential to help families stay together safely. Improving these services should be a central element of strengthening the NSW Child Protection System.

ANGLICARE Sydney also welcomes the proposed time frame of one year in which to determine whether a child can be restored to the care of their parents.

“Clear decisions about a child’s future care made in a reasonable timeframe are key to achieving stability, particularly when children are very young. The Government’s suggested timeframes for making final care orders support this aim.

“The decision to remove a child from their birth parents and be either adopted or placed in permanent care is very serious. It should always be made with primary consideration given to the child’s best interests”, said Mr Jackson.

ANGLICARE Sydney is an accredited provider of adoption services in NSW.


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