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2012 Rental Affordability Snapshot

The percentage of affordable private rental properties in Greater Sydney and the Illawarra for households receiving Government payments remains at staggeringly low levels of less than one percent, according to ANGLICARE Sydney’s 2012 Rental Affordability Snapshot released today.

 “Currently 0.6 percent of private rentals in Sydney and the Illawarra are affordable for low income households, compared with 1.3 percent in 2011”, said Grant Millard CEO ANGLICARE Sydney.

“Our Rental Affordability Snapshot found just 25 affordable private rental properties in Sydney and only one within 20 kilometres of the Sydney CBD.”

On the weekend of 13 – 14 April 2012, ANGLICARE Sydney surveyed 11,448 advertised private rental properties in Greater Sydney and the Illawarra to assess their affordability for households relying on Government payments and households receiving the minimum wage.

“Single person households and single parents have the least options for affordable rentals costing less than 30 percent of gross income. There were only three affordable properties for a single parent with two children who receives the parenting payment”, said Mr Millard.

In contrast one quarter of private rentals were affordable for households on the minimum wage. The most appropriate private rentals for a family cost between 30 and 45 percent of gross income.

“ANGLICARE Sydney is concerned that low income households are suffering increasing social and economic exclusion, with fewer opportunities for a better future.

“The NSW Government should be lobbying for at least 4,000 new affordable dwellings under a fifth funding round of the National Rental Affordability Scheme and ensure Local Councils require new developments near public transport to include social and public housing”, said Mr Millard.

ANGLICARE Sydney’s Rental Affordability Snapshot was part of a national project carried out by Anglicare Australia to assess national rental affordability for low income households.

Go to for the national snapshot follow the link below for an in depth look at rental affordability in Sydney and the Illawarra.

2012 Rental Affordability Snapshot - Sydney and Illawarra