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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Programs

The launch of Anglicare's inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in May 2014 was a significant indication of our commitment to the development of deeper understanding and closer relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Developed after lengthy consultations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the strategies embodied in the RAP aim to foster greater understanding of the issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as well as responding to the depth of disadvantage they experience.

Three key elements - relationships, respect and opportunities - underpin the RAP. Anglicare is committed to respecting the culture, land and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to providing opportunities to overcome disadvantage. Through direct service delivery, providing employment opportunities and supporting businesses owned by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people we seek to bridge the gap in health, education and employment outcomes.

Programs Available

Gulyangarra Yellamundie

This program offers:

  1.  Aboriginal Cultural Learning for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in three primary schools in the Blacktown LGA. Through sessions provided each week during school terms, children learn about their Aboriginal background and heritage through storytelling, song (in Darug language), art, craft and painting.
  1. Home visiting to Aboriginal families in the Blacktown LGA when issues such as parenting, housing, finances and family matters can be discussed with the parents.

Events such as “Sorry Day” and “Naidoc” are organised each year in acknowledgement of Aboriginal People.

This program run out of the Mt Druitt Office. For more information please call 02 8805 0900

Aboriginal Parenting Support Service – Blacktown LGA

Family Support provided to Aboriginal Families who have children from birth to 12 years.  

This program run out of the Mt Druitt Office. For more information please call​ 02 8805 0900 

Little Black Duck

'Little Black Duck', developed over a period of five years at the invitation of the Aboriginal elders of the Yuin nation, is an innovative counselling and mentoring program for Aboriginal children. The first program of its kind in Australia, Little Black Duck provides a bridge between school and community, creating new opportunities and supporting partnerships. The child's wellbeing is at the heart of the program and children are given the opportunity to freely express their emotions through child-focused play therapy as a way to heal loss, grief and trauma. Mentoring is also provided to assist Aboriginal children to develop healthy self-concepts about their Aboriginality.

Little Black Duck was developed with close community consultation and works in partnership with Culburra, Jervis and Callala Bay Public Schools and local Aboriginal communities.

This program is run out of our Nowra office, for more information please call (02) 4424 7100.



Locations providing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Programs

Anglicare Mount Druitt Office

For Food and Financial Assistance, Please call 02 8805 0900

91a Kurrajong Avenue
Mount Druitt NSW 2770
(02) 8805 0998