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Migrant, Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support

These programs assist Churches and communities in supporting migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum in the Sydney Anglican Diocese.

Services Available

Asylum Seeker Project: Working with churches, communities and individuals in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney; to coordinate support that matches the current needs of people seeking asylum. The program provides information and resources on the asylum seeker issues both within and outside of Anglicare. The program assists volunteers working with people seeking asylum. Contact asavage[at][dot]au  

Migrant & Refugee Outreach and Development program: This program works with churches in Sydney Diocese to build their capacity to work with migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum and their communities to fulfil the mission of the Diocese and Anglicare. Contact cwebster[at][dot]au

Syrian/Iraqi Refugee Response:  This program  works with Anglican churches, Sydney Diocesan agencies and community to co-ordinate work with Syrian and Iraqi refugees and build the capacity of parishes to work with newly arrived Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Contact cwebster[at][dot]au

South Sudanese Diversity & Social Cohesion Project: Building capacity within the South Sudanese community’s for internal cohesion, peace and reconciliation and for participation in the broader Australian society. Contact ejok[at][dot]au

Locations Providing Service:

Parramatta Office

 39 Macquarie Street, Parramatta 2150