ESL Training Day (Bible college students)

Come along to our next training day! 

Bible college students are able to attend our 2019 ESL training day in January for $0.

• Be encouraged by Bishop Michael Stead who will give the study of the day. 
• Explore new teaching strategies. 
• Be stimulated to think more deeply and creatively about how you engage your students. 
• Fellowship with teachers from across the city.

Date:  Friday 19th July 2019

Time: Registration starts at 8.30am. The program starts at 9.30am and will finish at 3.00pm.

•  Lunch and morning tea provided (advise if gluten free)
•  Library will be available for returning and borrowing
•  Registrations close on Wednesday 12th July 
•  Cost $25 ($0 for full-time Bible college students). 
•  There is plenty of parking onsite. 
•  The library will be open, please bring your books to return.

English for eternity - Why this theme?

Our lives and our language are intertwined. We use words to express ourselves and engage with others. We think using words. Under the surface of each word is history and culture, and people know where we are from as soon as we speak. Most native speakers have an active vocabulary of around 20,000 words. We speak and hear and read and write thousands of words every day.

Christian faith values words greatly. It’s how God creates, and relates with us. We preach and pray with words. We use words to offer love and encouragement, but we can also use words to sin against God and harm others. Many of the world’s problems are created and sustained with words and messages. You can never un-say anything, even if our words cause problems.

This is because words are eternal. God will judge each of our words. What we do in our classes: our careful preparation and the way we teach is very important. The gift of English language competence that we are giving to our students will shape their lives in Australia.

English is a language just like every other language.

But we want to be using English for Eternity. 

Training day electives by session

Session 1 

Elective 1: Snazzy structuring – Roberta Perkins

Are your lessons feeling a little the same? It’s amazing how much you can freshen up your content with a different lesson structure. This session will look at several well-researched teaching structures, and is appropriate for new teachers looking to begin writing content for the first time, as well as experienced teachers extending their skills.

Elective 2: Two apps – Sarah Brown

In this seminar you will be introduced to 2 different smartphone apps. Kahoot and Quizlet are web-based study applications that will bring energy and fun to your classroom. Your students will enjoy themselves so much they will forget they are learning. Participants need to bring their own smartphone along to this session.

Elective 3: Overflowing faith - Danielle McGregor

As people who cling to the truth of the Gospel in the messiness of life, we can freely allow our living faith to overflow. How might a Christ centred perspective inform what we say and do in our classes? How can we be a bridge to Jesus at morning tea and beyond as we share our lives with our students?


Session 2

Elective 1: Tried and True – Lynn Whelan and Fiona Mance

We teach pronunciation to our beginners (and above) using the THRASS method, every week at the beginning of class... and the students love it. We’ll show you how.

'Describing Descriptions': a beginners guide to what we see, hear, smell, taste and feel-and where to find it! A whole series of activities and learning for beginner students.

Elective 2: Building on a bright idea: using simple strategies to achieve great connections. (intermediate +) – Patricia Wang

A workshop on how to use an idea as the basis for a lesson that increases language proficiency and student confidence. We will also consider how to facilitate relationships between students and build connections with the church community.

Elective 3: Practical Academia - Dr Sue Ollerhead (interview)

Don’t worry! Everything in this seminar will be in layman’s language! We will be chatting with Dr Sue Ollerhead from Macquarie University. What can we learn from current TESOL research that can help us in our classes? There will be a time for questions.


Session 3

Elective 1: A life changed – Susie Schubert

As a Mainland Chinese migrant to Australia, Susie will be sharing how she became a Christian, some insights into the lives and hearts of Chinese in Australia and some practical and effective ways we can help our Chinese ESL students move towards knowing Jesus.

Elective 2: Grammar with grace: keeping it simple – Trish Bell & Sue Radkovic

Overwhelmed by the thought of teaching grammar? Do we need to teach grammar explicitly in class? This workshop will include a little helpful theory and a lot of hands-on activities for practice with your students.




19 Jul 8.30am - 3.00pm
Emmanuel Baptist Church
992 Old Windsor Rd, Glenwood, NSW 2768
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