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Leave A Gift In Your Will

Your Will is incredibly personal.  It reflects who you are, your values and your philanthropic interests. Once you have considered your family and loved ones you may wish to consider making a charitable bequest.

To learn more please contact our Bequest Manager 

Anglicare Sydney relies on the generosity and foresight of those who value our work

There is a range of different ways that you could include Anglicare in your Will such as:

  • the remainder of your estate once you have taken care of your loved ones
  • a set percentage of your estate
  • a specific sum of money
  • a specific gift such as property.

If you decide to include Anglicare in your Will then there is very specific wording to ensure that the clause in your Will is legally binding. We recommend that you use the following:

Beneficiary – Anglican Community Services (ABN 39 922 848 563)​ operating as Anglicare Sydney. 

Will Clause – ‘I give (details bequest i.e percentage of estate, amount of legacy or specific items of personal and/or real property) to Anglican Community Services (ABN 39 922 848 563), to be used for its general purposes’. ​

Your Care Changes Lives

Through God’s grace and the practical support of people like you, we are able to make Christ’s love real to people in need. 

John and Karen came to Anglicare Sydney in severe financial stress. They were on the verge of losing their family home. John had suffered a heart attack and was out of work for three months.
Karen reduced her working hours to care for him and their three young children.
Due to their reduced income, they were forced to live off their savings.  Once they used up their savings they began to default on their bills.  Often John and Karen went without food so that there was enough for their children. Anglicare Sydney was able to assist John and Karen with food and help them pay their bills. We were able to support them when they needed it most.

We seek to show faith in action through effective and sustainable services which includes caring for:

  • people with disabilities and their carers
  • people with mental health issues
  • families children and young people
  • vulnerable groups in our community
  • older people and seniors
  • patients in hospitals and mental health facilities
  • people in correctional facilities.