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Winter Appeal 2016

Keep our 9 Emergency Relief Centres open this winter


Thank God for people like you who keep Anglicare’s Emergency Relief Centres in Sydney open.

We know it’s hard to bear, but we need you to hear Margaret’s story.

34, single with a baby and diagnosed with breast cancer, Margaret turned up to our Liverpool Emergency Relief Centre with her 18-month-old daughter, Emma, in a terrible state – physically and emotionally.

Margaret’s marriage had broken down because her husband has a gambling addition. She had no money, was homeless with a young baby, and had just been diagnosed with breast cancer at only 34 years of age. Margaret turned to Anglicare, desperate and scared.

“I didn’t have any furniture or even basic things like a fridge or a washing machine. There were days I could hardly afford to eat, or find transport to get from place to place. Some nights I’d be sick from the chemo and Emma would be up crying...I felt heartbroken that I couldn’t be the mum I needed to be.”

Every year, Anglicare helps provide food, clothing and a safe place to stay for 9,000 kids like Emma.