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Partnership Development

Partnership is an essential element of Anglicare’s mission as we work alongside local churches so that more people are reached and cared for in Jesus’ name. ​


What Does Partnership Look Like?

As each church is different, so is each partnership. The common thread is that all partnerships are fuelled by a desire to reach out with Christ’s love in word and deed and to connect those being served with a local church.

 Some examples of partnership include:

Training and support for your church to run Bible-focused English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

A Mobile Community Pantry which can visit your church, helping you to establish a food ministry that provides practical help for people in need and also opens the door for them to be connected with other church activities.

Share the Benefit, a gospel-inspired Bible study series of a Christian response to poverty.

The Toys ‘n’ Tucker Christmas food and toy appeal.

There are many other partnership initiatives operating successfully at individual churches – we’re happy to provide further information as appropriate. 

Prayer partnership?

Prayer is vital for all we do.  Each year, we publish a Prayer Diary to assist supporters in praying for Anglicare’s work, for those who undertake it and for all who are cared for in the name of Christ. Printed copies of the Prayer Diary are available by contacting partnerships[at][dot]au

Who can our church talk to about partnership?

Anglicare’s Partnership Development Officers (PDOs) are the first point of contact for all questions and enquiries from churches.  Whether it’s finding out more about the initiatives above, or discussing other thoughts or ideas you have, please contact partnerships[at][dot]au and the appropriate PDO will be in touch.