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Syrian Refugee Appeal Resources

“At times like this, we must all act within our spheres of influence to raise awareness, build understanding, and work to ensure that our own good intentions have real and practical expression.” Archbishop Glenn Davies   

The war in Syria is destroying the lives of millions of people. Families are being forced out of their homes and many are subjected to the horrors of war - imprisonment, torture, rape, starvation and death. They are escaping their homeland, with no hope of returning.

We expect the first group of additional Syrian refugees to arrive mid-year.  Many will settle in Greater Sydney.  Anglicare’s trained staff and volunteers are ready to provide essential support through a range of programs designed to help them to get the best possible start in Australia.

Your church or school may be interested in fundraising to support this vital work.  Please download any of the materials below to assist you.


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Anglicare gives their perspective on Australia’s need to invest in refugees coming into Australia.  ACA interviews Anglicare’s Syrian Refugee Crisis Coordinator, Zoe Paleologos, as well as Rev John Bartick, from St Marks Anglican Church.  Rev Bartick partners with Anglicare to run English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

A Current Affair -

Anglicare Sydney will help Syrian refugee families on three fronts. English as a second language (ESL), Early Learning Through Play (ELTP), and humanitarian Counselling. The plan is that refugees will feel very supported when they arrive. They will have access to supports and services that will help them settle and thrive.

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