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Strategic Plan

There are many wonderful organisations working for the common good across Australia. This work improves the lives of thousands of families and individuals who face hardship and deprivation, and we thank God for their efforts.

However, what singles out Anglicare Sydney is the way we care. We seek to meet people’s needs in a holistic way that encompasses not only their physical, emotional and relational needs, but the deep spiritual need common to all people that can only be satisfied by knowing God.

Our 2014-16 Strategic Plan clearly articulates and directs our three-fold mission to care for the most vulnerable in our society, share the good news of Jesus, and undertake these works in partnership with our parishes and related communities.

It builds on Anglicare’s work over the last eight years to connect strongly with parishes, equipping and supporting them to love and serve their communities well. 

My prayer is that as we seek to employ our God-given talents in the service of our communities over the course of this strategic plan and beyond, that our gospel-inspired work will help to incline people toward Jesus, and that our gospel words might make him known as Lord and Saviour.

Glenn N Davies

Archbishop of Sydney

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