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About Us

Anglicare Sydney’s mission, throughout our 160 year history, has been to serve the vulnerable, poor and socially excluded with respect, compassion and love.  We believe God calls us to us to care for and love one other, just as He cares for and loves us. It is this love, shown to us in the life and death of Jesus Christ that motivates us to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of others.

Through Christ-centred services and advocacy for the marginalised and socially excluded, Anglicare reaches out with care that meets need and shares the good news of Jesus in partnership with churches and local communities.
Anglicare Sydney exists to meet the material, social, emotional and spiritual needs of those who come to us for assistance.  We acknowledge that each person is created by God, and in serving we disregard any racial, cultural, socio-economic, and man-made barriers that divide us from each other. Our faith in Jesus Christ compels us to act with compassion, help the vulnerable, and be a voice for the disadvantaged.