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Community Pantry Conference - Sydney


Empowering Workshops

Trauma-Informed Care

Uncover the essentials of providing compassionate support to individuals affected by trauma.

Recognising Potential

Empower yourself to recognise, nurture and leverage others' potential, highlighting the significance of acknowledgment for enhanced outcomes using practical skills and methods.

Understanding Self and Sustainable Service

Explore the link between our physical and emotional well-being, discussing healthy emotional processing as the basis for addressing self-care and sustainability in volunteer service.

How to Respond to Domestic Violence

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to domestic violence victims, referring them to the right facilities.

Event Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Anglicare’s Chief Executive Community And Mission, The Rev Dr Andrew Ford
Before joining Anglicare in January 2012, Andrew lectured in Ethics at Moore Theological College and was a minister in Sydney and in Broome, WA. Andrew with wife Kylie and oldest son Tim, is now a member of Soul Revival Anglican Church, Kirrawee. Passionate about the partnerships that Anglicare has with local churches, Andrew says, 'Lonely people seeking connection and relationship is a growing need in our city. Churches are vital partners with Anglicare in combating this loneliness and creating opportunities for relationships that have an eternal impact.'
Lucinda Mackintosh – Trauma-informed Care
Lucinda Mackintosh leads the Clinical Care team within Anglicare's Foster Care program. This specialist team works alongside carers and staff to promote trauma-informed care for children and adolescents. Lucinda's training is in social work, counselling and most recently, horticulture! She has worked with Anglicare's Foster Care program for six years, and previously worked with another non-government organisation supporting people experiencing homelessness.
Beth Schwalbe – Recognising Potential
Beth Schwalbe has been a Financial Counsellor at Anglicare for 4 years. She is a Certified Financial Counsellor and Certified Practicing Accountant. She worked as an accountant for 20 years in a wide variety of accounting roles in small and large companies, in Australia and the Netherlands. She left accounting because she felt a calling to use her skills and financial knowledge to help and educate others and now works as a financial counsellor. She provides support, information, and advocacy for vulnerable clients, helping them to overcome crises and achieve long-term financial stability.
Trinette Stanley - Understanding Self and Sustainable Service
Trinette has worked with Anglicare Sydney as a Mental Health Educator since March 2021. This involves working with local Churches to equip them with the knowledge and skills to care for those who are wrestling with mental health concerns. Previous to this role, she studied at theological college and was involved in ministry to youth and young adults for nearly 20 years. During this time she pondered the intersection of theology and mental health, and came to understand that the local Church has a significant role in providing safe spaces and safe people for those who suffer from poor mental health, in which they can seek refuge and find Jesus.
Jessica Deans – How to Respond to Domestic Violence
Jessica Deans, part of Anglicare's Family and Life Skills Education team since 2014, focuses on enhancing community wellbeing and connection. With a background in psychology and community services, she started as a caseworker in Food and Financial Assistance, then shifted to supporting clients in transitional housing.

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