Building Fund Project

Securing the Ministry

This beautiful home is an aging building. Arundel House are working with a team of engineers, builders and architects to restore the building. There are essential high priority structural repairs and internal upgrades needed to ensure the building is fit for immediate and long term use. These repairs are the kind that happen once every 100 years and we do not have the financial capacity for any building works beyond our regular maintenance. We are asking for your help to make these repairs and restorations possible to continue this ministry into the future. The goal is to raise $800k.

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Resident Financial Support Project

Sustaining and Supporting the Ministry directly to residents, subsidising rent

In the last few years, regional Australia has experienced droughts, bushfires, flooding, the pandemic and the devastating economic fall out of all these events. Often young regional Australians are unable to afford the high cost of living in Sydney, even at affordable rent options like Arundel.

This fund will directly subsidise rent for residents unable to afford rent without it, and those who come under unexpected financial stress during their stay.

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