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3 wellbeing benefits of retirement village living

Retirement LivingJune 1, 20232 minute read
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Australians love retirement village living. Indeed, the lifestyle choice has shown to have a number of positives for retired Australians.

So, what are the wellbeing benefits to retirement village living?

"There is a great spirit of community here and we’ve made some good friends."

Retirement Living Resident

1. Increased sense of community and support

Retirement living is all about personal wellbeing. The 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census indicate nearly one in four older Australians live alone. This is a huge number of people at risk of social isolation, which can then lead to a number of mental health issues. Indeed, loneliness may be just as detrimental to your health as smoking or obesity according to a recent Forbes article.

In a retirement village, the emphasis is on encouraging companionship and group activities, to get residents involved in contributing to a community spirit. No longer responsible for your garden and household maintenance, living in a retirement village gives you more time and opportunities to socialise, make new friends and explore new interests. Each Anglicare retirement village runs a range of programmes and activities encouraging residents to get involved as much or as little as they want.

2. Keeping the mind and body active with activities

During retirement, one concern that crosses many people's mind is 'How am I going to fill my time now?' They say you are never too old to take on a new hobby, a value we support strongly in Anglicare retirement villages.

We operate a number of activities in our retirement villages so there is something to suit everyone. You’ll never be bored. From learning a new craft to indulging your love of competition with lawn bowls or pool, there is bound to be a hobby for you. The wellbeing benefits that come with moving into a retirement village is often as simple as giving someone the chance to try a new activity they have never experienced before.

3. Security for your health

As you get older, your health needs may change. Having instant access to healthcare services is a major plus as we age, and is also reassuring for family and friends, who know that you will be looked after if the need arises.

“We wanted to move when we were both well enough to do so. We also wanted to be settled in case anything happened to one of us.”

Retirement Living Resident

Anglicare’s retirement villages provide the best in support services should you need help. Access a suite of services designed to improve and maintain your health, wellbeing and independence. We also offer Christian support to nurture and grow your faith.

For more information about retirement living or to speak to someone about Anglicare's retirement community options

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