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Last stop Lithgow

Community ServicesFebruary 20, 2024

Corinne Ogg is one of Anglicare's Multi-store managers. She looks after the op shops at Lithgow, Katoomba, Penrith and the new Leura store!

After a couple of seconds of talking with Corinne, it's clear how much she loves working for the Anglicare Op Shop team. What is even more obvious, is her love for the Lord Jesus and the compassion she has for every person who comes through the door of one of the Anglicare Shops.

Corinne paints a fabulous picture of Lithgow Op Shop being a resource for the wider community - being the last stop on the Blue Mountains rail line, there are many people who ride the trains for the warmth and relative comfort. When they disembark from the train at Lithgow, they walk out of the station and one of the first things they see is the green Anglicare Shop signage and a team of staff happy to take time to listen and provide food and clothes when needed.

Corinne has introduced herself to the local police and railway staff (just around the corner) and to the local emergency housing manager, to ensure she stays on the front foot so she can connect customers who need some extra care and support to the right resources.

Corinne knows how important it is to be connected into the local church community, and at Lithgow she loves that the community pastor, James Barnes, comes into the shop to check in regularly, to have a chat and collect some clothes or other items for someone in particular need that week. She also talks fondly of *Jeff who generously volunteers two hours a week to restock the pantry for them. He also cleans the flies out of the windows which Corinne says is a wonderful gift and blessing to her, as she has so many other matters to attend to.

Without the practical support of our church community at Lithgow Anglican, we couldn't do this. Knowing there are people praying and supporting us, means the world. They've claimed ownership of the store. This is their store and working hand in hand, multiplies the benefit to everyone.

Thank you Corinne and Lithgow Anglican Church for your hard work in service of the Lord Jesus in your community.

*name changed for privacy

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