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Standing against violence and all forms of abuse against women

NewsNovember 21, 2023

Anglicare Sydney joins other organisations and individuals to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25 November, as a call to action to stand against violence and all forms of abuse of women in our community, today and always.  

Recent events remind us that violence against women remains a very real concern in our community, and the total number of women's deaths by alleged violence over the past year in Australia now stands at 64, according to Australian Femicide Watch. 

Lynda Dunstan, Anglicare Family and Domestic Violence Advisor, said sadly domestic violence continues to be a significant issue in the Australian community with younger women (18-34 yrs) being at greatest risk.  

“Domestic violence can have devastating impacts on a women’s physical and emotional health, and it is the leading cause of injury and death for younger women. When a woman is subjected to coercive control, she can feel she has lost her independence and her sense of herself. 

“Survivors need to know they are not to blame, they are not the cause of the abuse, and help is available,” she said.  

Anglicare provides a range of services and resources to those experiencing domestic violence, including: 

  • Confidential counselling services
  • Food and financial assistance, financial counselling, no interest loan scheme and other practical assistance for survivors
  • Information and education for churches to recognise signs of domestic violence and to respond well
  • Renew, an Australian Guide for Christian women survivors of domestic abuse
  • Rebuild, an accredited men’s behaviour change program offered at Parramatta and Nowra
  • Before It Starts, a youth primary prevention program focused on building healthy relationships and preventing domestic abuse

As the Australian editor of Renew, Lynda says, “The handbook provides guidance for a survivor’s ongoing support and recovery and assurance to a Christian woman experiencing abuse that the abuse is not her fault. God sees her, she is a beloved child of God, and God wants her to find safety and healing.” 

The road to recovery from domestic abuse is not easy or straightforward. There are many barriers and obstacles that can hinder progress. Renew: An Australian Guide for Christian Women Survivors of Domestic Abuse aims to help make the journey easier, providing constructive assistance as well as hope and encouragement as a survivor seeks to make a better life. 

The most recent research in Australia found that rates of domestic abuse in the church community are about the same as in the broader community. That’s about 1:4 woman in their lifetime, and about 1:13 men. (National Anglican Family and Domestic Violence Research Report. NCLS, 2021). Drawing on the latest research and practice wisdom, this guide provides a wide range of support, addressing the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of a survivor of domestic abuse. Each chapter deals with a specific topic and provides links to further resources. 

Anyone who is in a situation of domestic abuse is encouraged to reach out, with help and support available to you, either through your church, or Anglicare counselling: 1300 651 728. You can also contact a Domestic Violence Service like 1800 Respect (1800 737 732).

More information and resources can be found on the Anglicare website: 

Seek Help Through Domestic Violence Support | Anglicare 


Lauren White, Head of Communications
Image courtesy of UN Women

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