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Privacy Policy

Anglicare is committed to ensuring that the information you provide to us remains secure and that you are aware of what information is held and your rights.

When you become a donor you are generally asked to provide us with your name and contact details. This is information which can identify you, and under the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 is known as personal information. The Act also refers to certain information which is known as sensitive information.  We do not collect or hold any sensitive information about our donors.

We take very seriously the need to keep all information you provide secure.  All written materials containing your details are stored in secure areas and computer records can only be accessed by authorised staff. We are also members of the Fundraising Institute of Australia and operate in accordance with the Institute’s Code of Conduct.

Information provided by donors is managed in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Security Data Standard. 

Our online donations system and the information it contains is held internally and we do not release that information for external use at all. Donation processing is secured by 128-bit SSL encryption to protect the transfer of personal and financial information between your browser and our server. Each donation is secured, and credit card details are not stored at any time.

The only information collected and retained is the amount of the donation, transaction date, name and contact details as completed on the donation form. Where donations are made over the phone or via mail, a copy of that donation is retained for tax and audit purposes in a secure location. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or feedback regarding our donations process.

You are welcome to see what information we hold on you as we want to make certain that your
information is accurate and kept up-to-date. You can email, ring or write to:

The Fundraising Manager
PO Box 427
Parramatta NSW 2124 

(02) 9895 8000

Please allow at least five (5) working days to arrange access. If you find any inaccuracies in the information please let our Fundraising Manager know.

How we use information

Anglicare uses the information you provide for the purposes of processing donations, fundraising and keeping a record of the history of donations from our donors. When we write to you seeking your support we are trying to raise public awareness of our programs and their needs. This is why we often send information on particular areas of need. Please remember, however, that you are under no obligation to respond unless you would like to and are able to. If you want, you can also ask us to not contact you anymore.

We may use the information for internal reviews and analysis and may also use it to produce certain consolidated statistics about our donors. Sometimes we will also use consultants to provide us with expert advice on research and analysis. We also use third party providers, such as mailing houses, for mailing or contact purposes as they provide specialist service that we cannot undertake in the distribution of our material. We will only use consultants who have proper privacy protection practices. We will not otherwise disclose your individual information or sell, trade or rent that information for any purpose.


When you send a donation and give your name and contact details we will send you a receipt for taxation purposes. If, however, you make a donation without providing your name and contact details then we will not be able to do this. We keep all donation details for seven years as required by law, and after this they are securely destroyed.


By giving your personal information you are consenting to our use of this information in accordance with the principles outlined in this Privacy Statement. If at any time we change these principles we will post those changes on our website ( so that you are kept fully informed.

Thank you for your support

Last updated: July 2015