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Refugee Training

2017 dates are here!

As part of the Sydney Diocesan response to Australia’s intake of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, Anglicare is running Refugee Training for Volunteers.

Whether you’re like myself - who cares very much but knows very little - or a seasoned activist, I think Anglicare’s refugee training is incredibly worthwhile and grounding. It equips those who attend with great insight and skills to understand and engage with refugees and refugee issues.

Feedback from Nicole, August 2016

Sydney Anglican parishioners and churches have shown great enthusiasm and energy in responding to the Archbishop’s call to provide a warm and generous welcome to the thousands of people displaced due to the Syrian conflict.

This training equips individuals and groups who would like to be involved with supporting and loving their new neighbours. Training assists in understanding the past and present issues facing new arrivals and in relating in ways that are culturally sensitive and appropriate.

Module 1 and 2 are core to the training and there are also electives. 

Planned dates and locations for 2017

- Please note changes to location and dates for previous planned training days for Wollongong are now at St Lukes, Miranda.

Module 1

          Saturday 23rd September (St Lukes, Miranda)                               9:00am – 4.30pm

          Thursday 12th and 19th October (St Phillip's Church Hill, Sydney) 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Module 2

          Saturday 11th November (St Lukes, Miranda)                                  9:00am – 3.30pm​​

          Thursday 9th and 16th November (St Phillip's Church Hill, Sydney) 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Module 1 covers cultural backgrounds, trauma and understanding the refugee process and Module 2 builds on this to cover working effectively with new arrivals.

Electives are available and include –

  • Accidental Counselling which includes self-care (14th October St Barnabas, Fairfield | 28th October -St Andrews Anglican Church, Roseville​) | 18th November, Wollongong - Figtree Anglican Church). The maximum number of participants for this elective is 20 per location. Places are available on first come first served basis.
  • Understanding mental health in the refugee context (to be offered in 2018).

Read what some of 2016’s trainees have said about Module 1 –

Anglicare’s refugee training made me see how I can engage with the refugee situation in Australia. I felt informed about current issues here and around the world, and empowered by how these issues were humanised with Jesus at the centre.

~Participant, August 2016~

I thought it was great how the training was firmly embedded in God's word so we saw the refugees from God's perspective. The role-plays and scenarios helped me to ‘stand in their shoes’ and understand how I would make exactly the same choices in the same situation.

~Sarah, July 2016~

We encourage anyone interested in getting involved or continuing their ministry with refugees to participate in Anglicare Refugee training.