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Rental Affordability Snapshot 2024

On the weekend of 16th - 17th March 2024, Anglicare agencies across Australia conducted a Rental Affordability Snapshot, based on rental listings data provided by REA Group and displayed on the website. Anglicare Sydney conducted the part of the Snapshot covering Greater Sydney, the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and the Shoalhaven.

The Snapshot defined an affordable rental property as one which required up to 30% of a household's income in rent. Exceeding the 30% benchmark is seen as an indicator of housing stress.
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Key Findings

On the Snapshot weekend,
private rentals were
advertised for rent in
Greater Sydney and
the Illawarra.
Rental Graph

This is the

number of
listings in the
past decade
of the

The situation for low-income renters in Sydney and the Illawarra is dire

Of the 10,735 properties listed on the snapshot weekend, only a small proportion were comfortably affordable for renters on minimum wage or income benefits.

couple on the Age Pension
Were affordable and
appropriate for a
couple on the Age Pension
2 children on JobSeeke
Were affordable and
appropriate for a family with
2 children on JobSeeker

single person
Were affordable and
appropriate for a single person
on the minimum wage
single parent
Were affordable and
appropriate for a single parent
on Parenting Payment
Aerial view of Sydney Harbour featuring the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Rentals appropriate and affordable for households on minimum wage have decreased 81% over 5 years

rental minimum wage


After each property inspection, Prue would sit in her car and think, ‘This is my life, where am I going to end up?’ She spent 5 months looking for a rental property. She felt like she should look further afield than her home area in Sydney. Prue widened her search to look in Campbelltown and the Illawarra region. She ended up looking at 50 properties in the Illawarra, and still wasn’t able to get a private rental

Prue (Anglicare Social Housing)

The proportion of affordable and appropriate rentals for low-income households in Greater Sydney and the Illawarra was low

Rental listing stats

The regions with the largest number of appropriate and affordable rentals for low-income earners have changed since 2019


1. Sydney - South West
2. Sydney - Outer West & Blue Mountains
3. Sydney - Parramatta


1. Sydney - Central Coast
2. Sydney - Blacktown
3. Sydney - Outer West & Blue Mountains


In 2024, 10 out of 18 regions had NO affordable and appropriate rentals for households on income support payments


There were more share houses advertised than last year, but they were less affordable...
On the Flatmates website there were 74% more share houses advertised than last year in Sydney and the Illawarra, but the proportions which were affordable for single people on the minimum wage and Age Pension were lower. There was virtually nothing affordable for a single person on JobSeeker.



Janet spent months looking for an affordable rental property, extending her search from Sydney all the way south to Eden. She was on the wait list for social housing, and her superannuation had run out. Janet found lots of short-term rentals and couldn’t get a long-term affordable rental. Janet was offered a unit in Anglicare’s social housing where she now lives.

“I’m very happy now, but it’s taken a while. The change in housing was a foundation for the positive changes in my life. I moved in and I had a big sigh like there’s a weight off my shoulders. I’ll always be able to afford the rent and the thought is wonderful. I’m getting my physical health back and working on my fitness.”

Janet (Anglicare Social Housing)

What can be done?

Increase social and
Increase social and
affordable housing
Invest in 5,000 new social  
houses every year for the 
next 10 years in NSW
Raise the Rate
Raise the rate
Increase JobSeeker
to at least $80 per day
Protect renters
Protect renters
End ‘no grounds’ evictions
Rental Affordability Snapshot Report 2024

Greater Sydney and the Illawarra

Regional Report 2024

Breakdown of Results by Statistical Area - Greater Sydney and the Illawarra (2024)

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