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Costs and payments


There are four different costs involved with residential aged care that are important for you to understand.

Basic Daily Fee 

The Basic Daily Fee is paid by all residents and contributes towards your care and living expenses, like meals, laundry, cleaning and electricity. The Australian Government sets this at 85% of the single aged care pension. 

Means Tested Fee

Depending on your income and assets, Centrelink may determine you need to pay a Means Tested Fee. This is an additional contribution to the cost of care. It is not a fixed cost and is adjusted in line with changes to your assets and income or cost of care. 

Accommodation Payment 

There are three levels of residential aged care government support: fully supported, partially supported and non-supported. The level you receive is determined by Centrelink based on your assets. If you are partially supported or non-supported, you will need to pay an accommodation fee, in part or in full. You can make this payment as a refundable accommodation deposit (RAD), a daily accommodation payment (DAP) or as a combination of both.  

Additional Services

Anglicare offers a range of services, on top of the basic government care requirements which require an extra fee. They may include extended meal-times hot meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner; an alcoholic beverage with meals; a variety of dining venues; Wi-Fi; video and book libraries; smart TVs; classes; outings; musical performances; and so much more. The services provided in each residential aged care home are outlined in the Key Features Statement. 

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