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Why choose Anglicare residential aged care

As you will discover, making the move to one of our residential aged care homes doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence or the things you love. Anglicare’s residential aged care homes are thoughtfully designed to feel just like home. 

If your care needs change over time, Anglicare has specific memory support available in some of our homes, as well as quality end of life care. That means you can receive the care and compassion you need at every stage.

Personalising your residential aged care 

At Anglicare, we have a special philosophy which we call 'Rhythm of Life®’. It is about making sure the care you receive works with your unique rhythms, because you deserve the very best in personalised residential aged care. You deserve the kind of care and compassion that enables you to keep doing the things which give your life meaning and joy, each and every day. Rhythm of Life® is exclusive to Anglicare and is based on eight, important guiding principles.

Your story is unique.

This principle underpins the care you will receive at an Anglicare residential aged care home. We will take the time to understand what is important to you, your daily rhythm and what gives you purpose and joy, as we seek to honour you and your story.

You deserve honour and respect. 

You’ll be shown respect every day and through every interaction you have with Anglicare staff. That includes simple but important things like whether you prefer to be called by your first name or something more formal, as well as respecting your privacy in your own room.

You will be supported to make decisions that relate to your life

‘Dignity of risk’ means you have the right to live the life you choose, even if your choices involve some risk. You might also like to join a group of resident representatives, who meet monthly with Anglicare staff to guide us in making decisions that relate to your life.

You will be encouraged to maintain and develop relationships that are meaningful.

Relationships that bring meaning to you will be supported and encouraged. There are several places in each of Anglicare’s homes to share meals, celebrations and activities of interest with people you care about.

You will be provided with holistic care that meets your individual needs.

This means caring for your wellbeing as a whole person – body, mind and spirit. Where possible, we’ll help you to continue with the interests and hobbies that are important to you.

You will be supported to feel safe, comfortable, welcome and ‘at home’.

While residential aged care homes are both a home and a workplace, Anglicare’s staff are dedicated to making sure it’s first and foremost your home. Your room should feel like you, so decorate it with personal items that are important to you. 

You will have your needs and preferences acknowledged and valued.

Anglicare staff will ask lots of questions, and also listen. That’s because we want to know what is important to you so we can allow for your preferences where possible. For example, whether you’d like to administer your own medications, eat in your room, go to bed late or even use our do not disturb signs. 

You will be shown the love of Jesus. We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:1.

If you ever need someone to talk to or pray with, your chaplain or pastoral carer will be there to support and love you, regardless of your religion or background. 

Services that give you compassion and dignity

Meals and dining

Enjoying a nutritious and delicious meal can bring you happiness. Not only do the team at Anglicare consult with nutritionists and dieticians to create our seasonal menus – we also consult with residents to ensure we are preparing food you love.

You get to choose your preferred meal size and any other special meal preferences, like dietary requirements. We’ll also do our best to incorporate any cultural meals that are important to you.

If you require a pureed diet, then you’ll love our moulded food that looks like the real thing. Yes, chicken that looks like a delicious chicken breast and pureed veggies, moulded to look like they’ve just been cut.

Breakfast is a choice of hot and cold food items offered over an extended two hours, so you can enjoy your first meal of the day at a time that suits you.

Lunch and dinner both offer a choice of two hot meals. At some of our homes an alcoholic beverage is also available, if that is your preference.

All day dining means you always have an opportunity to enjoy a hot meal outside of the dining times. Help yourself to delicious snacks like cakes, biscuits, fruit, yoghurt and custard, as well as tea and coffee, which are available all day. 

Fresh, clean linen

There’s nothing quite like laying down for a good night’s sleep on clean, fresh sheets. That’s why your bed linen will be changed and washed for you every week – at a minimum. If your sheets require changing more frequently, that is no problem. Your comfort is our priority. Towels are washed frequently to ensure they are hygienically clean and ready for you to use.  

Washing your clothes

Your clothes will be hygienically washed in our commercial laundry. To ensure all your clothes are returned to you and none are lost, Anglicare takes care of labelling your clothes when you first move in. If you prefer to wash your own clothes, you’ll find a resident laundry at most Anglicare residential aged care homes.

Get involved

ResiAction is a program that encourages you to get involved or help out, if that’s something you would like. Some residents assist with tasks like general maintenance around the home, administration, event planning, making floral arrangements, looking after the library and so much more.

Our WElders (which stands for ‘Wise Elders’) are a group of residents made up of representatives from each home. The WElders meet once a month and act as the voice of your residential aged care home. WElders can be involved in many important decisions in our homes, including staff interviews, menus and activity design. 

Supporting your spiritual journey

In addition to having staff who live out Christian values every day at work, Anglicare residential care homes have Chaplains and pastoral carers to provide you with spiritual support and a listening ear. Your family is also welcome to speak with Anglicare’s onsite pastoral care team. This service is available to you as you need it, no matter your faith or background.

Your next steps 

Transitioning into residential aged care can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help you through every step. 

Find the right home for you

Browse Anglicare’s range of residential aged care homes in more detail – including the list of services and facilities at each home. Once you have your ACAT you should book a tour at your shortlisted homes to view the rooms and common areas and meet staff and residents. 

Arrange your finances

There are three levels of government support for residential aged care depending on your income and assets: fully supported, partially supported and non-supported. Your level of support and the amount you pay is determined by Services Australia (Centrelink/DVA). The Basic Daily Fee is paid by all residents.  

Your care interview

At your Care Interview, you’ll meet with a Care Manager. They'll take time to understand more about you and ensure we can meet your current and future care needs. This is an important part of the process because it is vital you receive the right care and, where possible, avoid any future moves. We want you to be in the right home, just as much as you do.

Accept your offer

If the residential aged care home can meet your care needs, you will be notified and offered a room. If you decide to accept this offer, the next step is to complete your application forms. Once Anglicare receives your forms, an agreement (contract) will be created, which you will need to sign and return prior to moving into your new home.

Personalise your room 

It’s important that you make your room feel like home, so bring items that are meaningful to you – your bedspread, family photos, ornaments, books, or your favourite chair. If you’re not sure if you can bring an item with you, please ask our friendly team. We are committed helping you feel at home, and we will do everything we can to assist you.  

Frequently asked questions

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