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Dementia care

Did you know that without the development of new treatments or a cure, the number of Australians living with dementia is expected to double in the next 25 years? That’s why Anglicare is committed to leading the way in this space for other providers.

If you are living with dementia, not only can we promise you excellent care, but also a variety of cutting-edge therapies which years of medical research has proven will be of benefit to you.

Where to find dementia care

In your home
If you’re living with dementia, you might begin noticing that once simple tasks are taking you longer and longer. Naturally, this makes staying in your home a challenge. But regardless of whether you live with others or on your own, Anglicare can help keep your independence and meet that challenge – head on!

When you choose Anglicare as your dementia care provider, you’ll become an active participant in your own care. We want to understand your wishes, so that we can offer you personalised support that allows you to keep on living your life meaningfully and exactly as you want to. 

With our team of dementia experts, specialist dementia care workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and registered nurses, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your full spectrum of dementia care needs will be met, in your own home.

Centre-based respite and social support
Enjoy a day out, full of interesting activities to try, all tailored for those living with dementia. You’ll find Anglicare’s social centre-based respite friendly, safe and supportive. Each centre is designed to promote your independence with signage to help you find your way a
therapeutic supports on offer, including art therapy, music therapy, exercise classes, and cognitively stimulating games. Enjoy freshly cooked and healthy meals tailored to your dietary requirements. There are also designated pick-up areas for transport to and from your centre.

In your residential aged care home
When you require full time care, Anglicare will be on hand to support you. Anglicare provides dementia specific units in some of its residential aged care homes where you will receive the very best in dementia care. Anglicare residential aged care homes are staffed by dedicated and experienced teams, which include compassionate care workers, nurses, lifestyle consultants and chaplains, all working together to support you and your family.

Dementia Advisory Services

The great thing about choosing Anglicare as your dementia care provider is that its Dementia Advisory Services offers a range of support, not only for you, but also to your family and primary carer.

Carer support groups

Run by dementia experts to offer your carer help and support on their caring journey.

Peer support groups

Meet others living with dementia who are facing similar challenges and who understand what you are experiencing. Learn new strategies and ways to manage the challenges you are facing.

Connection café

Regular get togethers at local cafés for people living with dementia and their carers. It’s your opportunity to form friendships with others in a similar situation to you, as well as speak to a dementia experts about your questions and any support you require.

Education sessions

Come along to learn useful strategies for living with dementia. It’s a chance for both you and your carer to your skills and hear about the latest dementia research.

Home visits

Book an assessment of your dementia care needs and receive personalised support strategies to improve your quality of life.


Get help accessing dementia services outside Anglicare that will be of benefit to you and your family.

Working towards dementia-friendly communities.

Anglicare is a proud member of the Western Sydney, Nepean, St George and Sutherland Shire Dementia Alliances.

The fight to end dementia

Anglicare first joined forces with KaRa MINDS, a neurological research lab, in 2012 to carry out a clinical study to identify those most at risk of dementia. At the time, the research was field-leading – the first of its kind to be conducted in a retirement village!

Today, Anglicare continues its commitment to support cutting-edge dementia research because we understand its great importance. Research leads to innovative, new treatments and therapies that will improve your quality of life. Research is the key to unlocking better ways to delay and, ultimately, end, dementia.

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