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Gifts in Will

A gift in your Will is a caring legacy that lasts for generations. You’re choosing to support a cause you cared about in life with a final act of generosity. It is a beautiful reflection of your lifetime values.

In Mark 14:7, Jesus said that the poor would always be with us. When you leave a gift in your Will, you become an important part of this ‘forever’ story… because you ensure that the work you so generously support today, can run long into the future. Allowing you to continue to bless those who need your care and compassion, even after you have gone home to be with the Lord.

Of course, we understand that family comes first and that (above all) you need to ensure your loved ones are provided. It’s only after you’ve done so, that we ask you to please consider leaving a gift in your Will to Anglicare Sydney.

If you have any questions about leaving a caring legacy for future generations, please get in touch. 

Gifts in Wills are a vitally important to Anglicare Sydney and help us plan for the future. With surging need and our aging population, every gift plays a critical role in continuing this work that supports vulnerable members of your community… from those who struggle to make ends meet to older people who require support and care.

But more than that, when you include a gift in your Will it is an expression of your compassion. A legacy that continues to bear witness to your loved ones, long beyond your lifetime.

Ways to leave a gift in your Will

Percentage gift
You leave a percentage of your estate to Anglicare Sydney. The proportion of your gift will not be affected by inflation or changes in the value of your estate.
Residual gift
After all debts and expenses are met, specific gifts made, and your loved ones are taken care of, you leave the remainder (or a percentage of the remainder) to Anglicare Sydney. The proportion of your gift will not be affected by inflation.
Specific gift
You leave a specific item to Anglicare Sydney, for example property or shares.
Pecuniary gift
You leave a fixed and specific dollar amount to Anglicare Sydney. The value of this gift won’t change as the value of your estate changes.

How to include Anglicare Sydney in your Will

While it does not have to be a complicated process, we do strongly recommend that you talk to your solicitor when you are making or updating your Will.

Seeking advice from qualified legal professional helps ensure your Will is legally valid. Giving you confidence that your wishes for your family, your loved ones and the causes you care about can be carried out as you desire.

Recommended wording for including Anglicare Sydney in your Will

Beneficiary: Anglican Community Services (ABN 39 922 848 563) operating as Anglicare Sydney.

Will Clause: “I give (include details of your gift i.e., percentage of estate, dollar amount of your gift, details of residual gift or specific items of personal and/or real property) to Anglican Community Services (ABN 39 922 848 563), to be used for its general purposes.”

Recommended wording for including The foundation for Aged Care your Will

Your bequest to The Foundation for Aged Care can be directed to either of the following:

  • The General Fund, which annually provides ongoing support to residents and care services, and approves amenities for residents
  • A specific area, such as a particular village or assisted living facility (e.g., The Donald Coburn Centre or Woolooware Shores).

“I give to The Foundation for Aged Care (ABN 24 086 334 058) the sum of $ _______________ or ____% residue of my estate for the general purposes of the Foundation free of all duties and taxes and I declare that the receipt of its Chief Executive, Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my personal representatives.”

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