Today, at 94, Pat is articulate, direct, funny, and great company. But her life has been lived in two parts, after a mid life tragedy changed everything.


A devastating setback at eight years old wasn’t going to stop Norm. At 96, he still has a twinkle in his eye.

Gwen & Nanette

The day came when it could have all fallen apart. Nanette made sure it didn’t.

Jan & Norm

Jan and Norm’s passion was sharing their faith. But at their toughest moment, they needed a miracle.

Anglicare at home client Patricia receives the best care


A life of remarkable achievement in the face of constant setbacks.


Everything fell apart seven or eight years ago. But I’m happy now. I’m very lucky.


I don’t think I would have managed without Anglicare. I would have gone quite mad.


At 93, Marjorie is funny, dry and very engaging. But it’s a story of hardship and endurance.


I‘m extremely happy to have Anglicare. Everything’s just gone right since then.

Charlie & Janet

My father built this house. Forty years ago, after he died, we bought it back. We don’t want to go.