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I want to adopt a child

To be approved as a potential adoptive parent, you’ll first need to be thoroughly screened, trained and assessed to ensure that you can care for and parent your child without ongoing support from Anglicare.  

Children who are adopted benefit from parents who are understanding and empathetic, provide a warm and playful home environment, are willing to be open and flexible and who can demonstrate an understanding and respect for their child’s birth family and personal story. 

Anglicare embraces open adoption practices. That means you’ll need to raise your children knowing that they are adopted and help them to stay connected to their birth family.  

Support for adoptive parents

Counselling and referrals to other specialist services 
Your point of contact for your child’s birth parents
Arranging and mediating important legal meetings
Supporting your child’s visits with their birth family

Am I eligible to adopt a child? 


You need to be at least 23 years old no older than 43 for you first placement. (The age upper limit for placement through the Special Needs Program is more flexible, depending on the needs of the child.) 

Relationship status 

You need to have been married, or in a de facto relationship, for at least two years. Anglicare Sydney does not place children for adoption with same sex couples. 


You (or the person you are applying with) must be an Australian citizen at the time when the child is placed with you. You must be permanently based in NSW.


You must be a non-smoker, in good general health with normal life expectancy.


If you wish to adopt through the Local Program, you must provide proof of your infertility. Or where pregnancy would present genetic or health risks to you, a statement from your doctor is required.

Infertility treatment  

All treatments for infertility must cease prior to submitting your formal application to adopt. Infertility treatment cannot resume while your adoption application is active.


You must live within a 200 km radius of Sydney.

Special Needs Adoption 

Anglicare’s special needs adoption program is committed to ensuring the individual care needs of each child are met by their adoptive parents. As a result, eligibility for this program is more flexible.

Check your eligibility.

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