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Financial Assistance

When you’re already struggling to make ends meet, even the arrival of a surprise bill can make you feel as if you are losing control of your finances. And with the cost of living now on the rise, bigger setbacks like sickness or job loss can have dire consequences.

If you’re worried about supporting your family, Anglicare can offer you immediate assistance to help keep you from falling further into debt... as well as practical, long-term solutions to help you take hold of a more financially stable future! 

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Help with bills 

Struggling to pay for your utility bills or medical costs? Anglicare might be able to help you.  
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Help with rent & bond 

Get help getting out of rental arrears or affording your bond payment for your new home. 

No Interest Loans

Need to pay for something right away? You might be eligible for a no interest loan. 
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Financial counselling

If you struggle with money, you can get free help from Anglicare’s qualified financial counsellors.

The uncertainty of living payday to payday can take its toll. These supports can help you regain control of your finances so you can live, worry-free. While some of these supports are income tested, you are eligible for free financial counselling as soon as you are at risk of not being able to pay a bill. Visit an Anglicare Food and Financial Assistance office near you and find out exactly how we can support you today. 

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“I thank you, more than words can describe. What you have managed to coordinate is not only amazing... it brings tears to my eyes and will never, ever be forgotten. It couldn't possibly be.”

Sam, Anglicare client

Get the extra help you’re looking for… today!

Find an Anglicare Food and Financial Assistance office near you.

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Inspired by the gospel of reconciliation in Jesus Christ, Anglicare's vision for reconciliation is a nation in which Australia's First Peoples are restored in dignity, respect, empowerment and opportunity.