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Help with rent and bond

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Get help: rental arrears assistance

If you are renting a property, then your weekly rent is likely to be one of the largest, ongoing costs in your budget.

On top of that, the cost of living in a city like Sydney is very high… so even a small hit to your weekly income can cause you to struggle to keep up with rental payments.


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“I really want to thank Anglicare for helping me. You have no idea how much financial stress I’ve been under. It’s been so overwhelming. The help you have given me has definitely changed my financial situation."
Mary, Anglicare Client, Rental Arrears Assistance

If you fail to pay your rent when it is due, you are in rental arrears. If you fall more than 14 days behind with your rental payments, your landlord can end your tenancy and start the process to evict you. Not to mention, rental arrears can be a black mark on your rental history, making it difficult for you to find a new rental property.

If you’re in rental arrears, or in danger of falling into rental arrears, Anglicare may be able to help you. Visit your nearest Anglicare Food and Financial Assistance office to get support today.

Get emergency help with rent.

Find your local Anglicare financial assistance office.

Get help: bond assistance

Moving house can be pricey. There are lots of up front and one-off costs to juggle and plan for. But Anglicare may be able to help.

Housing NSW offers a Rentstart Bond Loan, where eligible renters can loan up to 100% of their rental bond. Your loan is interest free, and your repayments are made directly to Housing NSW. If you are not approved for the full amount of your rental bond, Anglicare may be able to help with a small contribution (based on further assessment and available funding).

Stop by your nearest Anglicare Food and Financial Assistance office to find out more about applying for bond assistance.

Ask us about help with rent and bond

Find the details of your nearest Anglicare financial assistance office.


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