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Provide counselling for others

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

If you run a small or medium size local business, then why not consider using Anglicare for your EAP? All you need to do is let us know how many counselling sessions you’ll provide (per staff member) within a given timeframe… then Anglicare will simply invoice you when a session takes place.

Support for staff wellbeing can contribute to reduced rates of absenteeism and higher levels of productivity. But more importantly, supporting your employees to improve their mental health is a wonderful way to show your genuine care. 

Confidential counselling for your staff
Critical incident debriefing (as needed)
Support for your management team
Workplace mediation (as needed)

How will my EAP service work?

Step 1

You’ll enter into a no-obligation contract with Anglicare for the provision of EAP services. Decide how many counselling sessions an employee can access in a given time period (the most common is three to six sessions per year). 

Step 2

When you choose Anglicare for your Employee Assistance Program, your staff will receive priority access to counselling for the agreed number of sessions. Your employees can book a session with a counsellor in their area (or a phone or online session) by contacting Anglicare directly.

Step 3

Anglicare will invoice you once the session is complete. Your invoice will include the nature of the services provided, without disclosing the details of the employee who received the counselling. 

Step 4

In the event of a critical incident at your workplace, an Anglicare Counselling Manager can discuss the best approach for supporting your team. This may include onsite debriefing, manager support and follow up. 

Step 5

Should you need, workplace mediation can be provided by an accredited mediator to assist managers and staff, or co-workers to resolve workplace related issues or challenges that have become problematic. 

School counselling

Working in collaboration with an experienced Anglicare Counsellor, you and your teachers can help your students to thrive and succeed… both in and out of school.

Anglicare Counsellors can help you offer a compassionate and responsive counselling service to your staff, your students, and their families. From ad hoc and scheduled appointments throughout the school day, to consultation with staff and intervention with families, as well as critical incident support as needed.
Anglicare Counsellors are highly skilled and ready to help your teaching team build a learning environment that strengthens student wellbeing. When you choose Anglicare, this is what you’re getting:

  • a Christian counselling service
  • experienced counsellors who understand the complexities of working in schools
  • group work to support specific needs of student cohorts
  • knowledge and expertise in connecting students to other wellbeing services, including other Anglicare programs and community referrals
  • development programs for your staff
  • consultation with senior counselling staff when managing critical incidents.
Oran park school counselling
Anglicare School Counselling plays an integral part in our school’s aim to help all students flourish. Students can speak with people who are not seen as authority figures and the counselling team works in close partnership with staff and families to improve the wellbeing of students.”
Matt Low, Shellharbour Anglican College

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