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More than shelter

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Every person deserves somewhere safe to sleep at night... and a place they can call ‘home’. Sadly, many across our beautiful country are homeless. And Anglicare knows that means they are missing out on much more than shelter from the hot sun and biting cold. 

‘Home’ is so much more than housing. ‘Home’ is safety. ‘Home’ is a community you know that you belong to. ‘Home’ is friendship and support when you need it most. That’s why Anglicare’s affordable housing program offers all these things to older people who are facing homelessness. 

Home sweet home

Some say that ‘home is where you hang your hat’ … but resident, Barry, knows it’s so much more than that!

“Home means everything to me because I grew up without a stable home,” he explains. 

Barry lives in one of Anglicare’s affordable housing for seniors properties. But for half a decade, he struggled to find anywhere secure to live.

Testimonial - Barry

There are many seniors like Barry who, right now, are homeless or are at risk of homelessness. With the support of generous and compassionate supporters like you, Anglicare’s affordable housing offers a long-term solution for those who are struggling to find permanent housing in their low-income price range.

“Is it my home? Gosh, yeah,” says Barry. “And no one can tell me different.”

Anglicare gives seniors like Barry a safe and affordable place to live. But more than that, Barry says that he’s found true contentment. 

“For me, the difference between a house and a home is that a home is somewhere you feel content… and I feel content here.”

Thank you so much for your compassionate and faithful generosity. 

Donate. Become a life changer. 

People across Sydney and beyond are in crisis. Your generosity helps to fund vital ministries to provide emergency and affordable food. 

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