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Short-Term Restorative Care

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There are a number of government-funded aged care support services on offer to help you improve your quality of life. While that’s wonderful, it can also be a little overwhelming.

Anglicare is here to help you understand your options, so you can have confidence that you are choosing the right support for you.

What is Short-Term Restorative Care?

The Short-Term Restorative Care Programme might be for you if you’re having difficulty with everyday tasks like dressing, shopping, cooking, driving or showering. The goal of Short-Term Restorative Care is to help you overcome these difficulties and maintain your independence, so you can delay the need for long-term care. 

If you are eligible, you can receive up to eight weeks of care, two times in a 12-month period and choose from a range of services. The hours of care you receive per week will vary based on your care needs and the services you are approved for.

Restorative Care services

Health care to you
Nursing and allied health services like physio, occupational therapy and podiatry… all in the comfort of your own home! 
Aids & equipment
Get aids and equipment to support your independence and mobility. Examples include walkers, wheelchairs, walking frames and bed rails.
Getting out and about
We’ll get you to your important medical and therapy appointments until you regain your confidence on the road.
Nutrition and meal preparation
Diet advice from a nutritionist or dietitian. We can also arrange for an extra pair of hands in the kitchen to help you prepare meals, or someone to prepare your whole meal. 
Help with personal care
A professional Anglicare care worker can help you with tasks like showering, dressing and personal grooming. 
Help around home
The help you need around the house, including light cleaning, changing bed linen, laundry, and other day-to-day tasks.  
Download your Short-Term Restorative Care Fee Schedule.


If you live in North and West Sydney, you may be able to use Anglicare as your Short-Term Restorative Care provider. You are eligible for Short-Term Restorative Care if you are at risk of losing your independence or if you are able to improve your independence with the extra help you will receive through this funding.

You are not eligible for Short-Term Restorative Care if you:

  • are in (or on leave from) permanent residential aged care
  • are already receiving home care package funding (however you may still qualify if you are receiving your home care funding through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme)
  • are currently receiving transition care
  • have received transition care in the last six months
  • been hospitalised in the last three months for a condition related to your current short-term restorative care needs
  • are receiving palliative care
  • have already received more than two episodes of Short-Term Restorative Care in a 12-month period.

To apply for Short-Term Restorative Care, an Aged Care Assessment Team needs to assess you. You can book your assessment for government funding by contacting My Aged Care. If you need some guidance on the assessment process or you have any other questions, Anglicare is here to help. Just get in touch!

What is it?
Short-Term Restorative Care allows you to use certain support services for up to eight weeks or 56 days.
Who is it for?
My Aged Care will need to determine if you are at risk of losing your independence for you to be eligible for Short-Term Restorative Care. 
How will it help me?
Short-Term Restorative Care can help you regain independence and delay your need for ongoing, long-term care.
Want to talk with someone? 

Get in touch to have a chat and get help understanding the ins and outs of home care.  

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