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Who We Are

Our Vision

Through Christ-centred services and advocacy for the marginalised and socially excluded, Anglicare reaches out with care that meets need and shares the good news of Jesus in partnership with churches and local communities.​

Our Mission

To provide Christian care to people in need:

  • By doing good works that grow communities and address emotional, social and physical needs, and which are the fruit of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • By seeking to bring the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that alone meets spiritual needs.
  • In partnership with churches where possible, and the wider community where appropriate.

Our Values


Committing to treat each person as we expect to be treated, offering acceptance and a voice of support for life’s challenges.


Being honest and truthful in the way we treat others, promoting a culture of caring, service and trust.


The Lord Jesus loves us and commands us to love others by understanding and empathising with those in difficult circumstances.


Seeking to achieve the highest standards in all that we do.


In working together we will recognise, value and respect the gifts we all bring to our work, supporting each other through both good and difficult times.


Seeking justice, equity, and inclusion for all, independent of who people are or of their capacity to return or repay our help.

Anglicare Sydney is governed by the Sydney Anglican Home Mission Society Council, a body corporate constituted under the Anglican Church of Australia (Bodies Corporate) Act 1938.
Inspired by the gospel of reconciliation in Jesus Christ, Anglicare’s vision for reconciliation is a nation in which Australia’s First peoples are restored in dignity, respect, empowerment and opportunity; where due honour and recognition is given to Australia’s First peoples and where our organisation plays an ongoing role in healing and building positive relationships for all.  Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) demonstrates our commitment to this vision and outlines how we will work towards it.     
Anglicare Sydney has a continuing responsibility to maintain and store the personal records of Care Leavers who were in the care of Children’s Homes and other similar institutions.  Anglicare ran a number of Homes and has also taken responsibility for a number of other Homes when they ceased operation. You may have lived in a Home either run by Anglicare Sydney or under its responsibility and wish to explore what records may be held.  
Barker’s Church Society: 1856-1882 In 1855, Frederic Barker, the new Bishop of Sydney, faced a situation where the State was threatening to withdraw its funding for the establishment of new parishes and the payment of clergy at a time when the Church needed to address the rapid growth of Sydney’s population which doubled in the 1850s following the gold rush. Barker soon established the Church Society which would play the central role in the life of the diocese until the Diocesan Synod was formed in 1866.
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