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For more than 160 years, we have worked with churches like yours to support people in need at all stages of life with practical help. Today, Anglicare reaches 60,000 people in more than 130 locations each year… with the support of your faithful partnership.

Give people the help they need to navigate challenges at all stages of life. Connect your congregation and wider community with Anglicare’s range of specialised services.

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Domestic and family violence support

Domestic violence can involve a range of behaviours that intimidate, coerce and control. If you’re concerned someone could be experiencing domestic violence, help is available.

When relationships break down, Anglicare offers a range of practical services and emotional supports to help the whole family heal. If you’re unsure of what type of help your parishioner or community member may benefit from, please get in touch with your Partnership Development Officer who can offer you advice.

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Help with Mental Health

Anglicare offers a range of counselling and mental health services (including NDIS supports) for children, adults, couples and families

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Help with families and relationships

Do you know a family dealing with relationship breakdown? These emotional supports and practical services can help them heal.

Is your ministry in the Parramatta or Mount Druitt area?

Anglicare offers community living supports for refugees and asylum seekers who are struggling with their mental health

Connect your community with practical help

If there are people you know who are struggling to make ends meet, Anglicare may be able to provide emergency assistance to help meet their urgent and immediate needs… as well as practical, long-term solutions to help them to build a more financially stable future.

Help with food

If you know a family who can’t afford to buy food each week, Anglicare might be able to provide help.

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Help with money

The uncertainty of living week-to-week can take its toll. Anglicare offers a range of support to help your community regain control of their finances

Help for your older parishioners

Home care
Anglicare At Home is a service that provides help for senior members of your church community to continue living safely and independently in their own home. They might even be eligible for government funded support.
Residential aged care
When a parishioner is struggling to live independently, it’s time for them to consider full time support. Anglicare residential aged care homes provide loving support for the whole person – body, mind and spirit.
Respite and support services
With a large variety of respite services, allied health care centres, bustling retirement communities boasting every convenience, dementia supports and even palliative care, Anglicare truly offers support in every new season.


Your Chaplains and Pastoral Carers minister to Anglicare clients and residents, as well as members of your community with their physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs.

Anglicare Chaplains work with:

  • Hospitals and mental health facilities
  • Correctional centres
  • The police force and rural fire service
  • Retirement villages
  • Residential aged care homes
  • Anglicare At Home clients
  • Other Anglicare clients

Anglicare Chaplains run groups where people can come together to worship, study the Bible, pray and enjoy fellowship. They also provide friendship and one-on-one spiritual support for people and their families.

Find an Anglicare Chaplain

Find a chaplain near you for someone in need of chaplaincy

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Anglicare acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the original and ongoing custodians of the lands and waters on which we live and work.

Inspired by the gospel of reconciliation in Jesus Christ, Anglicare's vision for reconciliation is a nation in which Australia's First Peoples are restored in dignity, respect, empowerment and opportunity.